Selection Process

We have a very specific process here at Foglesong's we have a 2 different waitlists. Below we will explain the process of the waitlist down to the selection of your puppy. 


                                 ~ Reserve List ~
The Reserve List is the non litter specific  list that your placed on when you first place a deposit if no puppy is available at that time. 
When a new litter is born and 1 week old we will then start contacting this list in order of deposit and preference until the spots are filled. You can always pass on the litter and stay on the Reserve List. 

                      PAWS-itive  Waitlist:

Once you've been contacted and you are on the Pawsitive wait list then you are on that specific litter that is born, and you have selected. You then will find you place on that litter and name on that parent's available litter page. 
If you are on this list and then decide on Puppy Selection Day that you want to wait you will then move to the bottom of the Reserve list for the specific breed. (So, make sure you are wanting to be on the said list when contacted) 

                              Puppy Pick Day 

So once you've made it to this process its super simple! You can expect to pick your puppy from picture and a group video. Picking starts at 3-4 weeks of age when we do individual pictures of each puppy. We usually pick on a weekend starting at 10am (central time). If that doesn't work for you, please let us know in advance and we will work something out. You will be allowed 2 hours to pick. We have to be considerate of others picking as well. 

(Foglesong's has the right to select first pick to any litter)