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Selection Process

We have a very specific process here at Foglesong's we have deposit waitlists only. Below we will explain the process of the waitlist down to the selection of your puppy. 


                                 ~ Reserve List ~
The Reserve waitlist is placed with a non-refundable deposit either on specific litter or just breed. Once the litter of choice or breed becomes available that matches your request, we will contact you. 

Selection & updated pictures. 

 We do puppy selection at 6 weeks of age via pictures/videos on the website. You will have 2 hours to make your selection.  Once chosen we will set up a pickup date and time. Then you have the option to do a meet and greet day. I select certain days for meet and greets between 6-7 weeks you may come and spend 30 mins with your puppy. If you choose not to, we will do an updated picture or video instead. 

 You get one set of videos and pictures after selection is completed before go home! 

Puppy Pick- Up Day 

Pick-up day usually consist of about 15-25 minutes. If you pick up here you will have a paper to sign in my office, and then you may ask any questions you have otherwise we will go over a few things and take your picture with your new puppy and then you are off to go. If meeting somewhere you will sign paperwork via email before.  We DO NOT do kennel tours due to Disease control and the safety of our mommies and babies. Please understand the important of our dogs is TOP priority. We understand the fear of puppy mills, I can assure you our dogs are happy and healthy. We can also so show live camera view when you pick up. 

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