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Puppy FAQ's

Does Gender Preference Really matter? 

 Not really, when it comes to trainability, compatibility, disposition, or how loving your puppy will be......the answer is No not really. Preferences often come because of a preconceived "thought" that one is better than the other for certain reasons. Our breeds are usually very friendly & lovable and with training make a perfect companion - no matter which gender they are.  What about males “marking or hiking their leg” territories or acting out with aggression?  Both genders will act out in these ways when they haven’t been spayed/neutered.

What if I decide not to pick from a specific litter when it's my turn? 
Will I lose my deposit or picking spot? 

We understand that sometimes timing isn't right or maybe this litter wasn't what your specifically was looking for. Thats Ok, we have no problem moving you to another litter at a different time. You will not lose your deposit by passing on a litter. However, you may not be the same picking order you were in on the current litter if you choose a future litter, but we should definitely be able to check and let you know. 

What does my puppy do all day while they are at Foglesongs? 

Typically, from newborn to 2 weeks they sleep 100% of the time if they aren't eating. Their eyes will start to open between 10-14 days of age. Then between 2-4 weeks the fun starts, this is where they are learning to use their legs and you can start to hear little barks coming out. By 4-6 weeks they have now got the walking thing down and are unstoppable, mom at this point is done keeping them cleaned up and they are on their own with their potty messes. This is usually when we start transitioning them to their new bigger nursery pen where they have their own designated potty areas (with wood shavings), and we start giving them different stimulating puppy toys as well as puppy mush (dry kibble chopped up to powder mixed with some warm water). By 6-8 weeks some level of personality is starting to come out they are getting a little more curious and playful. By 8 weeks they are ready to meet their new family members! 

Why does my puppy seem shy when we pick them up? 

This is a normal behavior for a young puppy, they may seem a little stand offish for a few hours to few days after pick-up that is a big moment for a little puppy. Going to a new home around new humans, smells, voices ect. They need a little time to adjust to their new surroundings. So just make sure they have plenty of space and resting time and they will be over this soon. 

How do I pick my puppy by picture, how will I know a I chose correctly?

We do pictures at 4-5 weeks of age for picking. At this point their personalities haven't really developed quite yet.   Puppy personalities are really only developing and showing themselves at 7 weeks and change all the way up to 20 weeks.  It’s a very special time to have your new pup, bond, and begin your training together.

A lot of choosing the right puppy, begins with picking the right breed and circumstances we can all control. (Good beginnings, good parents, good environment, etc.)  When you find the right breed for you, I truly believe the influence, love, and training you give him/her will set your puppy up to be the best possible companion for you and your family. 

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