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Transportation Options for your puppy

We do have ground transport recommendation companies we know so please contact for information 641.895.3894

Pick Up: 


You may pickup at our home but please bring a carrier for your puppy as it is the safest place for him/her to be while you make the trip back home. If you do not have one we do offer Pet taxi's available on our online puppy store. 
Pick-Up at our home option (FREE) ​

Meeting for delivery:


So we do charge a small fee if meeting over an 1 hour. Our meeting spots are typically Carlisle, IA, Bethany, Missouri, Macon, Missouri, Burlington, Iowa. We will meet other places if discussed at least 3 weeks prior to pick-up. If you would like to meet at one of these places that is usually during the week as my weekends are for at our house pick-ups. PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR MEETING AT LEAST 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO PUPPY 8 WEEKS. (Last minute notice may result in not being able to meet) 
2- hours from any direction from our home- $150.0
0 (subject to change) 
4- hours from any direction from our home- $275.00 (subject to change) 
​Additional hours must be discussed for pricing. ​

Airport Pickup:


You may fly into my airport where I meet you with your puppy but please make sure you bring a soft-sided carrier for your puppy to fly under your seat in. It is also a good idea to put shredded paper in the carrier in case your puppy has an accident.  If I need to provide this carrier an additional charge will be on your final payment of $50.00. 
The airport we use is DSM (Des Moines International Airport). We will meet you outside in level 1 parking garage. ​

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