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 Puppy Application Form

(Please Read Carefully)

Please understand I need this filled out before you will be able to purchase or come visit. Sorry if you feel we are being too personal, but we like to screen our potential puppy families so we know what kind of environment our puppies will be going to! 
Please read all contracts on the website regarding our policy we may need to ask you further questions if we deem it necessary. 


Please only fill out the application once you are ready & looking for a puppy and make sure to ask all family members before filling out the puppy application. If you're just browsing at puppies or have questions just contact us by phone 641.895.3894 we will be happy to answer them. 

Adoption Application
Has anyone in your home been convicted of animal abuse?
Puppy Preferences
Only choose breeds you want or are interested in, if you are unsure check out the Picking the Perfect breed page. 
What breed are you interested in?
What gender are you wanting? (If you select both thats fine, but if you prefer one or the other just select that)

Only choose colors you are interested in, for reference check out the color page on our website. 

What is your color preference?
Are you ready to place deposit once approved? (If you are not wanting to place a deposit once approved please don't click YES. This does't mean once you submit application you have to do deposit this just let me know you are wanting to potentially move forward once we speak.)
Howdid you hear about us?

Picking up & Payments

You don't have to decide pickup right now but if you know what you would like to do, please let us know. We can't always guarantee we can meet over 2 hours just depends on timing & weather. 

Picking Up ( must disucss with breeder)
Do you want to use AFTERPAY option? (4-6 month payment option, NO CREDIT CHECK, NO INTEREST)

Foglesong puppies range from $1200 and up, we require a $300 Non-refundable deposit to hold or be on waitlist. Final payment is due on or before day of pick up in Cash or CC. (no personal checks). If paying by card then please note that 3.5% will be added for processing fee. 


 Deposits are applied to your total balance but are not refundable. Please make sure you are serious buyer and have talked to your family before placing a deposit. Any payments made towards a puppy are Non-refundable for any reason. If breed rights are purchased with the puppy and then decide not to breed those are Non-refundable as well.

Health Guarantee & Terms 



This is Foglesong's Short version of the Health Guarantee (please see Contracts page for the entire version) 


All puppies purchased must be taken to the Buyer’s veterinarian within the first 72 hours after receiving the puppy. Proof must be provided with 14 days by mail or email NO phone photocopies will be accepted. If this is not done, the health guarantee is void/null, and buyer assumes full responsibility. This puppy is sold as pet quality only, on a spay/neuter contract; no guarantee is made as to size, color, and disposition, conformation, working ability or breeding ability. This guarantee is not covered by accidental injury. This guarantee is 1-year genetic health guarantee we do offer a two-year health guarantee only if your puppy remains on daily NuVet K9 Vitamins for the first 2 years of their life. If for anytime the puppy does not stay on them daily up to 2 years of age, then the 2-year guarantee is void and you will only receive the one-year health guarantee from birth. Let me know if you're wanting to do the NuVet Vitamin Program in order to get your 2-year genetic health guarantee.  Make sure to order your vitamins.  It should be noted that diarrhea is coming among puppies that have been moved to a new home environment. It is buyer’s responsibility to see that the puppy gets their required worming, vaccinations, and health checks after purchase and possession of the puppy.

Covered is only Congenital Defects and Life-threatening issues

Puppies are a life-long commitment. Please make sure you research the perfect breed for you and your family. 

Make sure you talk to your landlords (if applicable) before getting a puppy.  

Make sure you understand all Foglesong's Contracts and ask any questions. 

You need to talk to all spouses before filling out an application we don't want our time wasted as it takes a lot of our time to care for our dogs & puppies. 

Understand that Foglesong's reserves the right to cancel a sale at ANYTIME they deem necessary if we feel a customer is unfit for one of our puppies. Our puppies are our life we expect them to be our customers as well. 

You will get a call/text within 24 hours of submitting! Thank you for your interested in our puppies. 

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