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Cockapoos are priced individually per puppy. Check prices page for details.  

Customers on Standby with a paid deposit will have first selection at any Wait List spots. 

If you are not currently on standby or do not have a paid deposit, please complete an application.

The pairings below may or may not have confirmed pregnancies yet.  We do our best to provide our customers and future puppy parents with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible.  Please continue to check back often!

Lexa x Luigi

F1B Cockapoos


Colors: Merle, red and white, black, chocolate. sable

Due: 06/15/23 (Go Home August) 

photos coming soon.png

Lady x Poco

F1 Cockapoos


Colors: Merle, red, black, chocolate, parti

Due: 06/23 (Go Home August) 

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