Babies Have Arrived! 

Millie x King George's litter arrived on August 3rd ,2022!

2 boys and 4 girls!

We have 2 male & 2 female spots available for deposit. 

after offering these puppies to our Waiting List families!

Apply here to start the process of signing up for the selection list!

 Go-Home Day is September 28th!

Pricing: Posted by pups 


Meet the Parents


She is an ACA registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Female. She is a Ruby red in color.  She weighs 18bs. She is super sweet and loving. She is playful and spunky.

King George

He is a registered Miniature Poodle male. He is blue merle with tan points in color. He weighs 14lbs. He is playful and silly. Loves to run and play with the other poodle boys. 

He has been genetically tested and has 1 copy DM carrier.  

Meet the Puppies! 

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Mario Male Merle $1600